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Practice Makes Cool Things Happen!

Look at this! I was able to bend, squish, twist my way to the top of this giant sneaker, built for Kickz for Kids! This thing puts a whole new meaning to balloon sculpting- I had to measure by the "foot"! Get it? Because shoes...? And feet? No? Just me? I'll see myself out...

This was an amazing opportunity. This EPIC sculpture was over 10 feet tall, 1 foot long (but, that one foot is 16 feet long), and used about 1100 balloons!

Sorry that I've been "tied-up" for a few weeks! Despite having to "sneak" in and out of the venue, munching on a bunch of ca-shoes, and finding out that balloons are my "sole" mate, I definitely haven't been "loafing" around! Check out this video on their Instagram that features this amazing "feet"!

Check out my website to see some of the other epic creations I've been a part of! Bonus: to see my Guinness World-Record Holding sculpture, Poptimus Prime, click here!

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