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A little over six years ago I hopped on a plane with my fried Cait and four suitcases filled with balloons headed towards Salt Lake City Utah. Over the course of four days, I created what was, at the time, the worlds largest balloon sculpture created by a single person. At 50 feet 8 inches tall with an arm span of 44 feet 4 inches I had beaten the previous record by almost double. At the end of 41.5 hours of nonstop inflating, tying and twisting, I had completed a giant Latex transformer. With a suggestion from an onlooker I named him Poptimus Prime.

If you would like to see the time lapse to see it go together in less than 40 plus hours follow this link

Comprised of 4302 purple, lime green and gray balloons and weing over 74 pound, he was actually to tall to be stood up straight in the Salt palace since their ceiling is only around 30 feet tall. And although there were 4 lines of paracord to keep his head and shoulders straight, there was no internal armature or wires to keep him structurally stable. In the six years since I had built him I am constantly asked "would you ever try to go bigger?" I think I would...but what would I make :)

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To say I hope you are all staying healthy and safe. this has been a crazy year so far and It's only getting stranger by the day. Let's all do our best to spread smiles... not germs!

On a happier note here's a little something that might make you smile :)

I have cool friends and sometimes they invite me to do cool things with them. This is one of those times ... Click on the link for the full video !

Pass the balloon video

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This has been a project that is a long time coming. My plan all along, has been to give you an easy to use resource for learning the skills of a balloon artist. Balloons changed my life in such a powerful way and I hope you discover the joys of bringing smiles to all the folks you create your art for. Currently there are PDF's and a guide for supplies, but I'm hoping to compile a small collection of video tutorials, that you will be able to learn from as well. In addition I'm hoping to have a schedule of live events for you to meet me, or one of my friends to take a class in your town or city! thanks for stopping by and please take a moment to sign up for notifications from this blog :)

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