• John Reid

To say I hope you are all staying healthy and safe. this has been a crazy year so far and It's only getting stranger by the day. Let's all do our best to spread smiles... not germs!

On a happier note here's a little something that might make you smile :)

I have cool friends and sometimes they invite me to do cool things with them. This is one of those times ... Click on the link for the full video !

Pass the balloon video

This has been a project that is a long time coming. My plan all along, has been to give you an easy to use resource for learning the skills of a balloon artist. Balloons changed my life in such a powerful way and I hope you discover the joys of bringing smiles to all the folks you create your art for. Currently there are PDF's and a guide for supplies, but I'm hoping to compile a small collection of video tutorials, that you will be able to learn from as well. In addition I'm hoping to have a schedule of live events for you to meet me, or one of my friends to take a class in your town or city! thanks for stopping by and please take a moment to sign up for notifications from this blog :)