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I personally feel that this is the best kit to start with . you can search below and but things separately, but for the money, this is the way to go :)
The balloons are fresh and the pump is well made.  

When you've been in the business as long as we have, you pick up the tricks of the trade and all the best spots to get your gear! This page will point you to our favorite supplies and where to purchase them! From balloons to pumps it's all here. Also on this page you can find some links to more advanced balloon twisting techniques once you've mastered our beginner's material!



Below you can find the links to John's most trusted and favorite distributors. Whether you just want to twist balloons as a hobby or make a career of it, you can find all the tools you'll need below: Just click the Red links!

John's favorite electric pump!

John's favorite hand pumps!

California based balloon distributor!

Have you mastered the basic twists posted on BendSquishTwist?  Click below to go to the balloon academy where you can purchase some of John's more advanced character designs including Looney Tunes!

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